Our Business

The Sécheron Hasler Group is focused on railway industry, and industrial segments manufacturing high power electric equipments. We design, manufacture, test and deliver products and solutions covering the following scope.

On Board Electronic Systems and Off Board Data Management

HaslerRail and Saira Electronics are the market-leaders and innovative suppliers of safety-relevant on-board electronics, sensor, software and data management products and solutions for the railway industries. HaslerRail and Saira Electronics are the global partner with worldwide local support and qualified technical teams. HaslerRail and Saira Electronics aim to give our clients the best possible services during project execution and operation. Our European, North American and Chinese supply chains are fully compliant with local and international standards.

Our scope covers the following functions and services

Energy Metering
Data Recording and Safety Application
Data Management


The European Train Control System allows interoperability between several country-specific systems.  ETCS is based on cab signalling and track-to-train data transmission.  HaslerRail offers a number of train-borne products to support this system including a range of speed sensors, JRU recorders, safety functions, data transmission modules and STM solutions.


The Train Control and Management System is often called the “Brain of the Train” as it monitors and manages critical on board train equipment.  The TCMS is composed of numerous components which are connected through a bus link.  HaslerRail offers a complete TCMS solution with a proven record in the field. Safety relevant functions are designed according to the EN 50126 standard. The use of our safety solutions helps to simplify the certification process of an entire system. 

Energy Metering

HaslerRail is a pioneer in this area with years of experience in the field.  The HaslerRail Energy Metering System monitors energy consumption allowing analysis, and as result management, of consumed energy. The system fulfils all known energy meter billing requirements. Metering sensors for traction control  functions are also available.

Data Recording and Safety Application

HaslerRail and Saira Electronics has been producing speed indication and data recording systems since 1887 and has over 40,000 mechanical and electronic systems in use today.  We continue to develop new products on an on-going basis.  As train systems have become more complex, more and more data needs to be gathered and this is no longer purely used for post incident/accident analysis but also supports daily operations and fleet management.

Data Management

The data gathered by the Event Recorder can be used pro-actively for maintenance, operational, performance, safety, legal and energy metering purposes. HaslerRail offers EVA+, a software tool that provides operational information to the relevant stakeholder. In case of a safety relevant incident such as an emergency brake, or data that can be used to make day-to-day operations more efficient over time EVA+ is the solution.

Components & Customized solutions

Our product portfolio includes the following product ranges and solutions.

DC circuit breakers
AC circuit breakers
Disconnect switches
Master controllers
Wheel flange lubricators

Sécheron SA is a worldwide leader for electric protection and switching solutions dedicated to rail transportation (rolling stock and DC traction power substation) , as well as to other industries managing high power electric equipments.

Our scope of design and delivery covers stand alone components, up to complex systems, where multiple high voltage and low voltage components are ingeniously integrated on a project base, within compact plug & play modules, easy to install and convenient to source.

DC Traction Power Substations

Our scope covers the following products ranges and services

Transformer – Rectifier Group
DC Switchgear
Traction Energy Recovery
Protection and Control devices
Voltage Limiting Device
Control Command and Supervision
Engineering and technical services
Disconnector Cubicles
Load Break Switch Cubicles
Outdoor Wayside Panels
Substations in Containers

Sécheron SA is a worldwide leader for DC Traction Power Substations and delivers substations for DC Railways, Metros, Suburban trains, Light Rail Vehicles and Trolley bus networks. With a wide range of products and services, Sécheron SA covers applications rated 750 Vdc, 1500 Vdc and 3000 Vdc.