Perfectly integrated into the synergies of the Gruppo Sécheron Hasler to which it belongs, SAIRA Electronics is currently a significant reference in the market of electronic systems, the railway sector, in particular in the design, supply and installation of systems and equipment at high technology on board train , for assistance to the driver, the recognition of critical data (black box), communication, automation on board functions, driving safety, energy saving and service to the passenger.
SAIRA Electronics has realized installations and orders for more than 6,000 systems with over 50,000 on-board devices currently in use throughout the world.


Dear Customers and Business Partners The Sécheron Hasler Group has a clear mission : to design and deliver the best in class customer-oriented solutions and services for the highest safety, protection and reliability of rolling stock and traction power substation in the railway industry. With a continuous growth over the past years, we are today a worldwide leading supplier in our field, with reference pro- ducts in DC and AC traction as well as in tachymetry. Our technological leadership allows us to support our clients in finding solutions that are superior in terms of func- tionality and efficiency.
We work very hard to continually upgrade our products, services and processes as we have ambitious plans for the coming years. We aim to have the best and most complete range of products in our market segments and to be able to serve our clients quickly and locally around the globe.
To reach our goal we significantly invest in research activities and product deve- lopment.
Furthermore we continue to expand our market presence and customer service organization raising at the same time the efficiency of our entire supply chain. The basis for our development is a strong entre- preneurial spirit, the highest standards of integrity and a Swiss quality culture with international exposure. We offer an attractive working environment with the opportunity to have a real impact on the development of our company to people who feel motivated by these values. Most importantly, our goal is to learn from our clients’ needs and to fulfill them to the highest standards.
You will find an overview of our company, business approach, products and services on the following pages.
Both my colleagues and I look forward to a successful collaboration by expanding our partnership in the long-term perspective.

Kind regards, Martin Balters