Bombardier TRAXX with TELOC® 3000

Bombardier TRAXX with TELOC® 3000 JRU for ETCS and national data

HaslerRail’s TELOC® data recorders are all capable of any recording combination: ETCS only, National Data only or combined ETCS and National Data solutions. Bombardier TRAXX (Transnational Railway Applications with eXtreme fleXibility) locomotives are equipped with
a HaslerRail TELOC® 2500 or TELOC® 3000 JRU which complies with current TSI OPE and CCS and includes National Data as well. Since the locomotives are used for cross-border traffic all over Europe, a certification in the different countries is needed.

Data can then be made available via wireless transfer if requested by the customer. The evaluation software Hasler® EVA+ allows the analysis of ETCS and National Data in one graphical overview and from more than one vehicle at the same time.

Combined with GPS information (when available) events can be shown on a map.



Client: Bombardier
Location: Europa
Year: 2015/September

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