ETCS on a ICE 1 / BR401 High Speed Train

Hasler® CORRAIL1000 as a high precision speed source for ETCS on a ICE 1 / BR401 High Speed Train

After several years invested in R&D, HaslerRail has launched a new and innovative speed measuring sensor onto the market. With the generous help and support of SBB, ÖBB, Alstom and other OEMs it was possible to run long term trials for 4 years covering more than 7 million kilometers. In this period data was collected from Hasler® CORRAIL1000 sensors installed on trains running in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition HaslerRail invested in simulations and tested the products in wind tunnels as well as in extreme climatic conditions.


The result is a product with the following characteristics:
– Track independent, highly dynamic direct measurement
– Reliable data acquisition during braking and coasting to a standstill
– Direction detection
– Extremely robust design for installation on the bogie – Low maintenance and service costs
– Very high measuring reliability

The results of the measurement and analysis convinced Alstom as well as DB to use the Hasler® CORRAIL1000 as a primary speed source for their sophisticated ETCS system on the ICE High Speed trains of DB.



Client: ICE 1 / BR401
Location: Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Year: 2016/January

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