EVA+ ERTMS Monitor

EVA+ ERTMS Monitor

On-line system monitoring is a growing trend within the rail industry. Whenever a JRU (juridical recording unit) is installed on a vehicle according to ERTMS/ETCS specifications (TSI CCS/Subset-027), the JRU data can be analysed live with EVA+.

Furthermore EVA+ is capable of analysing any ETCS message which is recorded and / or sent to the EVA+ system. This makes EVA+ an ERTMS/ETCS monitor for the supervision of daily operations or the assessment of special missions like testing, commissioning or other investigations.

Balise Group Error Check
Locate balise groups (BG) which report an error message when a train is passing. The BG’s location can be displayed on a map or with GPS coordinates in a table. BG ID and other information can be passed on in order to prepare the maintenance staff to take action.

Odometer Quality Check
Odometer accuracy and performance is still a big challenge for daily ERTMS operations. To assist with this issue EVA+ can evaluate the odometer performance by using the relevant information from the confidential interval given from the ERTMS/ ETCS system.

Evaluation of system performance
Today’s reliability and availability of railway vehicles is a key for success when providing a high quality service. Calculation of those parameters is possible and related reports show the necessary information to check if the requirements are met.

Mileage calculation for ERTMS operations
Railway infrastructure managers have the possibility to charge different track access fees depending on the operational mode in which a railway undertaking is using the network. Data analysis with EVA+ allows the calculation of the operated distance for each operational situation. Therefore the travelled distance when ERTMS was active can be calculated.


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