EVA+ Fleet Management

EVA+ Fleet Management

HaslerRail’s EVA+ software supports train operating companies during operations by providing operational information to the relevant team. The vehicle data is transferred automatically into the EVA+ central infra- structure and therefore can be analysed while the vehicle is in service or in any other location.
For certain alerts such as emergency brake on track, a message can be pushed to a mobile device, which allows the fastest possible reaction.
All recorded signals can be taken into account to judge the health of a vehicle. Fuel level, subsystem failures, speed, safety events, or environmental measures such as GPS, temperature or any other signal put forward to the TELOC®. A vehicle can be located on a map and highlighted based on signal values.

Live fleet location services
EVA+ makes train and vehicle location services available
– Search any asset directly on the map, or filter the map by fleet, vehicle class or train status.
– See where the fleet is in operation, where it is idling or where problems occur.
– Observe when a vehicle has an issue as soon as it becomes an indication on the map.
Let your operations team work proactively rather than reactively when it becomes necessary. Bookmark points of interest such as ends of mission, workshops or fuel stations to reroute trains efficiently in case of an incident. Geo-fencing features are also available

Verify timetable accuracy
– Decision support for daily operations through automatic alerts when trains are not running on time. Delayed trains are automatically indicated on the live map view and alerts are sent to the relevant staff in order to take action and plan ahead.
– Provide customer information about delays or about passage time at specific points of interest.
– Automatic reporting of departure and arrival time, delay time, km travelled, fuel and energy consumption, etc. as per traffic category.
– The operator is able to obtain coherent information on planned vs realised production and can analyse the traffic profitability, cost per km, fuel/energy consumption, fleet utilisation, availability and performance.

Proactive fault management
– Be alerted automatically when the battery voltage drops low on a parked train and avoid train cancellation costs.
– Plan refuelling events without surprises by knowing when the fuel level runs low.
– Act swiftly on high coolant temperature alerts to avoid catastrophic in-line failure.
– Automate alerts to be immediately informed when the train enters and leaves the workshop.

Monitor availability & reliability
– Capture crucial availability and reliability information in a few clicks
– Informtheoperationsandmaintenanceteams immediately
– Manage disruption efficiently
– Identify costs, penalties and downtime generated by failures
Managers finally have a reliable source of information in order to perform improvements in fleet performance.

Fleet management with EVA+
EVA+ provides rail operators with a live, fleet-wide view of the performance of their rolling-stock assets. Fleet management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management.
Fleet Management allows the removal or minimization of the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100 % compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and much more.



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