STM TBL1+ together with Bombardier ETCS system

STM TBL1+ together with Bombardier ETCS system

The rail signalling system in Belgium is a lineside system of lights, it relies on absolute compliance by drivers.

A number of driver assistance systems have been installed such as the old Memor/Crocodile system and the newer TBL1+ system. TBL1+ is a first step in the implementation of ETCS across the whole network of Belgium by 2022.

ETCS will provide maximal security on the rail network. Therefore, existing and new rolling stock has to be equipped with TBL1+ and the ETCS system.

In order to avoid installation of two systems, Bombardier RCS has, together with HaslerRail, developed a STM (Specific Transmission Module) for TBL1+ which is now installed on different locomotives.
TELOC® 2500 JRU with STM TBL1+ functionality and Bombardier BTM and EVC has been homologated in Belgium with the correspondent certificates of conformity by Belgorail.



Client: Bombardier
Location: Belgio
Year: 2016/March

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